Talkative Tuesdays

I am starting a series of posts called talkative Tuesdays. On Tuesdays I may or may not post pics of my daily outfits but I will most definitely do a whole lot of talking. I am an introvert/extrovert, so I love to talk but only when I want to and when I want to and on Tuesdays I have decided I want to. The things I may talk about could be fashion related or not, they may be whatever rant I am on for the moment but I promise you this, I will run my mouth whether or not you want to hear it!

This week, I want to keep it real and share with you a little fact you may not believe since I am doing a fashion blog. I was not and I am not always put together and stylish, there I said it. I have actually stepped up my fashion game once again in the last few months because I was in a style rut. I was frumpy, dumpy, lazy and just not feeling being dressed to the nines daily. It takes so much effort to put forth a look, don’t be fooled, no matter how simple the outfit, it took some thought and preparation to get there. I was not up to the challenge, not even working in a government office where I am required to dress professionally could force me out of this self imposed fashion exile. So I punked out and lived in jeans, flipflops, ratty tshirts and other such nameless items of apparel, during my personal time. For work I threw on whatever was clean and convenient. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some jeans and flipflops but the way I was wearing them was a disgrace and a shame to all that is feminine. I needed a style intervention, I needed a referral to “What Not to Wear”, unfortunately that wish did not come true but what did come out of it was the realization that I needed to dress better all the time, not only on Sundays when I would be seen in the pulpit.

The lightbulb went off, my eureka moment had come and an epiphany had struck, I was treating myself like I was not worth the effort to present my most stylish self to the world. Yes, I am tired, frequently, often, a lot (I am after all the mother of 6 children and a wife and a minister and ….) but still that is and was no excuse for willingly relinquishing my fashion card. So after a stern talking to myself, I made a pact that since I had to get dressed every day, I may as well do it with a bit of style. I also had to understand that as a representative of Jesus through the church, I had a responsibility to look like someone who a person would want to come to for assistance.

Which brings us to this post, don’t for a moment think that dressing well does not matter because it does. I am not talking about designer clothing, although I have no problem wearing them if I can score a fabulous deal. No I am talking about looking good for you because it feels good. When I look my best, I feel my best, no matter what else may be going on around me, I feel confident that at least in my choice of clothing I am prepared for where the day may take me. So if by some chance you are reading this and you have been guilty of the crime of self neglect in the area of style, please dust yourself off, go into your closet and get dressed, really dressed….you’ll thank me for it I promise.

About Minister of Style

I am a mom of 6, and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love fashion and always have but sometimes my vocation and my hobby clash. On this blog, I hope they can learn to co exist together. I also blog about my beautiful daughter, Tatiana who happens to have Down syndrome. She is the joy of my life and it is my prayer that people will come to know that people with Down syndrome are just that people first, the condition is secondary and should be treated as such. View all posts by Minister of Style

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