Its a Love Story

I fell in love with a shoe today! We met at a shoe store called Bare Feet, I was minding my business casually browsing with my daughter, when I turned around and there you were. Our eyes met and it was love at first sight. How is it possible that we never met before? But I am so glad that today our destiny together was sealed. I can’t wait until we go out in public together so I can show you off.

Your true love, rastagalnj

About Minister of Style

I am a mom of 6, and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love fashion and always have but sometimes my vocation and my hobby clash. On this blog, I hope they can learn to co exist together. I also blog about my beautiful daughter, Tatiana who happens to have Down syndrome. She is the joy of my life and it is my prayer that people will come to know that people with Down syndrome are just that people first, the condition is secondary and should be treated as such. View all posts by Minister of Style

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