Friend Friday: Work vs. Blog Wear

Friday is upon us…TGIF for real, so it’s time for Friend Friday! Katy of Modly Chic has done it again with a series of questions to probe our minds. here’s my two cents….

1. When it comes to outfit posts on your own blog, be honest are they what you actually wore that day?
Yes, I may not always post it on the exact day that I wore it but I definetely wore it that day. I am way too lazy to dress for the purpose of blogging.

2. For a fashion blogger, working in a corporate environment can be tricky. How do you mesh your day job with your personal style choices?
For me, it is very challenging because in my occupation I work for the Federal governement which is very conservative by nature and my vocation (minister) also dictates not only a lean to the conservative but modesty as well. Now being modest is not a challenge but dressing in a conservative fashion is for me. I am schizophrenic in my personal style and my style ranges from Chucks to platform stillettos. I will rock a maxi dress with birkenstocks on my feet and a flower in my locs today and tomorrow pull on a severe black suit with peep toe pumps. I sneak my style statements into my outfits, through pieces of jewelry, shoes, hosiery, occasionally I will wear exactly what I wanna wear but tone it down with a jacket or cardigan in a neutral color or shape.

3. When you get dressed in the morning, do you think what should I wear to work or what should I wear for the blog?
I have to think, what should I wear for work but I hope it will also work for the blog. Since I get paid to come to work, I must wear what is expected and required for the position I hold.

4. Do professionals you interact with ever make comments about your clothing choices?
Not really but my shoe choices sometimes ellicit water cooler conversation, LOL.

5. Some bloggers openly admit to wearing outfits only for the blog post. What’s your opinion on that?
Doesn’t really bother me as long as they admit that they are dressing for the blog only. I care more about honesty than whether or not they are wearing what they post.

About Minister of Style

I am a mom of 6, and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love fashion and always have but sometimes my vocation and my hobby clash. On this blog, I hope they can learn to co exist together. I also blog about my beautiful daughter, Tatiana who happens to have Down syndrome. She is the joy of my life and it is my prayer that people will come to know that people with Down syndrome are just that people first, the condition is secondary and should be treated as such. View all posts by Minister of Style

2 responses to “Friend Friday: Work vs. Blog Wear

  • Allie

    I can’t imagine dressing just for the blog, but then you and I hold down full time jobs and there isn’t time to get gussied up, take photos and change again for the office! 🙂

    I am like you, I dress first for the job, and then for the blog. I think the blog affects my purchases more than the combination of purchases each day.

    Great interview, and insight into you! 🙂

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