Blah, blah, blah….

Those words describe my mood as well as why I haven’t been posting much lately. I’ve been under the weather a bit as well as having some family issues with my wayward teenage son (please pray for us) and I have been uninspired to dress. Yeah, I said it, I am feeling uninspired! I know that the cold weather months have fashion nirvana for most fashion/style bloggers however Fall and Winter leave me cold in more than just the temperature. Since I absolutely love summer with a passion, I concentrate on building my summer wardrobe into what I want to look like. I spend my little clothing budget on pretty sundresses and sassy sandals only to be smacked in the face by a blast of cool weather when October rolls around. Then I am scrambling to rework my summer apparel into Fall appropriate attire. The funny thing is I do this every year, so it’s not as if I don’t know I need to save my cash for cold weather clothing, I just get carried away by the fabulous offerings of warm weather attire. Now don’t get me wrong, I do like Fall clothing….I love chunky sweaters with jeans tucked into tall boots, I love woolly hats and colorful scarves wrapped around my neck with a pop of color on my hands by way of gloves but nothing will ever persuade me to love the cold, period! I tolerate the cold because of where I happen live but if and when I get the opportunity to live somewhere that it is warm all year long, I will be all over it!

But until then I will accept my fate and attempt to find ways to transition my summer clothes into Fall until I am able to purchase more warm clothing. My outfit below is what I wore on Tuesday. After looking at this picture, I realize I could have accessorized more but I was sick that day and barely made it to work.

Please forgive the background, it was the end of the day and I had to work with what I had.
blue cardigan- Target, white tissue tee- Target, grey pencil skirt- Target, black peep toe heels- Guess

I got a jump on the day and had my daughter snap a few pics before I left for work

brown velvet blazer- AJ Wright, giraffe print dress- Walmart, brown stretch boots- Franco Sarto by way of thrifting


About Minister of Style

I am a mom of 6, and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love fashion and always have but sometimes my vocation and my hobby clash. On this blog, I hope they can learn to co exist together. I also blog about my beautiful daughter, Tatiana who happens to have Down syndrome. She is the joy of my life and it is my prayer that people will come to know that people with Down syndrome are just that people first, the condition is secondary and should be treated as such. View all posts by Minister of Style

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