Talkative Tuedsay: Yes, I am a Maxxonista and proud of it

This post is a request from a reader and my NP, Twitter, blog…oh hell, she is just my friend after all this buddy, Liber8ntheory who asked me to blog about how to shop at Marshalls and TJ Maxx. She hates shopping at stores such as these because she gets “intimidated” by the array of items. We cannot have her not shopping, as I explained to her that shopping is her God given right and duty as a female, lol, so let’s help her get to spending her hard earned dough shall we? Last week Corporette did an excellent post on the corporate headquarters of TJ Maxx here so I won’t elaborate on what has been said already but more showcase some of my great finds while browsing. While I don’t have anything earth shattering to say, I will list the things that help me when shopping at Marshalls or TJ Maxx to get the biggest bang for my buck.

Swiss giraffe print laptop bag Marshalls

parka jacket and hat (for my daughter, she is a budding fashionista)– TJ Maxx

1. Set aside enough time to browse the entire store thoroughly leaving no stone unturned.
I find that when I am rushed, I am unable to have a pleasant shopping experience and may not spot things that I would have otherwise found when I have time to devote to the hunt.

2. Enter the store with a wish list in your heart but a open mind.
There are always things I am seeking when I go shopping, even if there is something I need in particular, I come in without an agenda. These stores are not the kind of establishment where you can have a definite idea of what you want. You can say I need a dress but keep your thoughts vague as to what type of dress that may be. If I want a pair of shoes, I am open to whatever shoes I may find that suits my style and wishes, not my need. Case in point, I needed a pair of red peep toe platform pumps but on the day I went shopping there were none to be had, but Marshalls did not fail me. No, I did not leave with a pair of red shoes but I did leave with a pair of Steve Madden calf hair leopard print pumps on clearance for $29.99.

Steve Madden Leopard print– Marshalls

3. Shipments come in frequently which means that you need to stop by often.
I visit Marshalls/TJ Maxx weekly just to see what what I see and then adjust my purchases based on that.

4. The clearance section is your friend!
Although items are already discounted, the clearance rack is packed with goodies that are marked down to next to nothing. It may require a little work on your part to unearth the treasure but it is there if you take the time to look.

Well my dear Lib, I hope this post has answer a few of your questions as well as rid your fear of shopping at TJ Maxx…now when we gonna set a date to go shopping???

About Minister of Style

I am a mom of 6, and a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love fashion and always have but sometimes my vocation and my hobby clash. On this blog, I hope they can learn to co exist together. I also blog about my beautiful daughter, Tatiana who happens to have Down syndrome. She is the joy of my life and it is my prayer that people will come to know that people with Down syndrome are just that people first, the condition is secondary and should be treated as such. View all posts by Minister of Style

6 responses to “Talkative Tuedsay: Yes, I am a Maxxonista and proud of it

  • liberationtheory

    You have answered so many of my questions and I even had an “aha” moment about why I dislike shopping. I was doing so many things wrong.

    1-I never set aside time. Ever. So it was frustrating being in there on a time limit. This goes for any store. I honestly can’t think of the last time I shopped alone.. years?

    2- I only shop out of need. Hence frustration because I NEVER find what it is I’m looking for. So you’re saying that shopping should be like going to Starbucks- something you enjoy, may need every once in a while, but is mostly because it’s fun? Not even being facetious. This is a revelation.

    3- My mom hipped me to #3 and 4, but 1 and 2 were the ones that made the whole thing horrible for me.

    My goal- this month, I will shop for pleasure!

    • Minister of Style

      Since this post was especially for you, I am so happy that it helped you! Time truly is important when shopping, I have found that when I am doing a “drive by shop” I can’t find anything and I am extremely frustrated. To really enjoy shopping it should be done leisurely so you can explore all the offerings. There is nothing wrong with shopping out of need but that creates an atmosphere of frenzy because you know you are looking for something specific that you must have for an occasion. If you go through your closet and find where the holes are, then plan you shopping according to what your closet says you need, it will be less stressful. Seriously, you and I must shop together and soon, shopping can be such fun, I want you to have that buzz you get when you are just cruising along having fun discovering what’s out there, when bam…your newly must thing is staring you in the face. Pure bliss.

  • Monika

    LOL!!! Gues which store opend recently here in ye olde germany? And guess where I spent my afternoon today???
    Maxxionistas unite!!
    Got some really pleasant smelling handsoap, some conditioner and plan to go back tomorrow to take a serious look at the shoe section. So your advice came just right! Thanks and happy shopping!!!

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