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Weekend Edition: News Flash….I am officially old

I have been missing for a few days but this time I have a good reason, I was taking a little weekend road trip with my husband. We drove up to Canada to attend the wedding of a childhood friend of my husband and had a fabulous time. The first night we arrived my husband’s friends wanted to take us out since it was our first time in Canada. We went to a club that confirmed, I am a mature woman. I swear I was the oldest person there but I held my own…I can dance and I know I looked great, lol so I didn’t have any qualms about that. It was just a little weird…I guess I felt out of place but I survived and actually had a great time. I don’t have any photos of me that evening but here are a few of me at the wedding. I am behind with my posting, so expect my Friend Friday post shortly.


Kicking Back with Flair

Happy Holidays! I pray that your Thanksgiving was filled with the blessings of family, friends, food and fellowship! I spent the early part of the day at church… God’s mercy endures forever was the message of the day, the latter half of my day napping and preparing for work tomorrow, but I attempt to be comfortable as well as stylish even while relaxing at home. This caftan is easy breezy, pretty enough to wear if someone dropped by unexpectedly and I would entertain guests in this in a heartbeat (Thinking about a NJ blogger meet up at my house, anyone up for it?) I purchased this caftan over the summer for my trip to Jamaica this past September to be modestly covered since we would be sharing a suite with my in laws. It has since come in handy for just everyday use…love the Moroccan feel of it .

Caftan- AJ Wright
the little person whose feet you see is my grandson, Tristan who was chasing my daughter, Tatiana

Yesterday, I spent my evening creating a Christmas tablescape for my dining room table. One of my besties came by to lend her creative juices and together, I think we came up with something pretty, festive and simple.

Gonna switch out the green and maroon candle for metallic gold, but i wanted to see the finished effect with something in place.

Weekend Edition

Good morning beautiful ones! It’s Monday as well as November has arrived with a bit of a punch, of cold weather that is. I feel like I should have grabbed my gloves however I didn’t so my poor hands are cold. I am actually looking for a great pair of colored leather gloves, so if you see any, let a sista know would ya? Here are a few pics of my Friday evening attire, hubby and I went out for a quick bite and drinks.

purple tunic- Marshalls
skinnies- DOTS
peep toes platforms- Guess via Marshalls
animal print trench- Free People via Marshalls (its also reversible when I need to be conservatively dressed)
red clutch (forgot to take a pic) vintage from Goodwill

Saturday was my son’s birthday, he finally got the bicycle he was campaigning for.

His next wish is Guitar Hero…really, he’s only 6, I didn’t even know he knew how to play???. Well we’ll see what Christmas brings! My Sunday outfit was a standard black suit, I had a preaching engagement so nothing flashy or attention grabbing needed to be going on. I’ll be back later with todays OOTD, smooches!

What day is it?

Good morning… I’m sick! I have a late summer/early Fall, change of weather, returning from gorgeous, sunny, hot Jamaica to so so New Jersey weather cold! I am truly miserable, so miserable that I have been in bed the entire weekend (didn’t even make it to church), all of yesterday and had to drag myself out to go to work this morning. Yes, I am taking something but it makes me feel like I’ve been drugged when it wears off so I am off of that, any suggetions? Needless to say I look like I’ve been hit with and by heavyweight fighter, so there will be no pics today.

This is what I wore on Saturday before I fell victim to this evil cold germ while I did a few errands

straw fedora- Target, white Levi Strauss denim jacket- Marshalls, white Fruit of the Loom t shirt, denim capris- gifted from a friend, turquoise Chucks- score from daughter who can’t fit them any longer

Birthday shout out to my girl, Reiko of God’s Favorite Shoes

Cut off at the kness

Top of the morning to ya! I am behind in posts due to some family issues and me needing to work on a sermon that I preached on Sunday. God blessed and I am back on the grind again. My regular photgrapher is visiting his grandmother for the rest of the summer, my daughter is way to impatient for my liking and my husband…forget about even asking that one to take photos. I tried to do the take pics in the mirror trick but as you can see some of them came out blurry. So to not be at the mercy of my co workers or resorting to asking a complete stranger (which I was almost desperate enough to do yesterday)I am using a tripod and don’t have a clue as to how is works henceforth the pics with cut off body parts, LOL. So now you get to witness how goofy I can be, especially when I refuse to read the instructions. Don’t judge me, I know you do it too! I have had my camera for at least 4 years but I still do not know how most of the functions work. I just learned how to use the self timer…smh.

My outfit is a pair of NY & Co jeans that I cut off and rolled, my husband’s Jamaica t shirt (sshh, he doesn’t know I had it on), black boyfriend blazer that I thrifted from Goodwill and my black sandals.

Getting some sun…early

As promised here are the pics of my outfit for my friend’s wedding on Saturday. This was a 10 am wedding so I didn’t feel it appropriate to get all blinged out. I donned a colorful, strapless frock, I was torn between two dresses but at my husband’s request I wore this one. The bride was as gorgeous as I knew she would be, the groom was handsome and the wedding party were awesome looking, especially those ladies. They all wore orange but in different style that suited each of them to a t! My only accessories were some chandelier earring and a bronze bangle, I couldn”t find a necklace that I liked so I decided to leave it be.