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Weekend Edition: News Flash….I am officially old

I have been missing for a few days but this time I have a good reason, I was taking a little weekend road trip with my husband. We drove up to Canada to attend the wedding of a childhood friend of my husband and had a fabulous time. The first night we arrived my husband’s friends wanted to take us out since it was our first time in Canada. We went to a club that confirmed, I am a mature woman. I swear I was the oldest person there but I held my own…I can dance and I know I looked great, lol so I didn’t have any qualms about that. It was just a little weird…I guess I felt out of place but I survived and actually had a great time. I don’t have any photos of me that evening but here are a few of me at the wedding. I am behind with my posting, so expect my Friend Friday post shortly.


Yes, I am fancy

Casual Fridays don’t really happen in government offices, at least not like in the regular world. So this is my take of dressing casual, still wearing a dress but I threw on my faux fur vest for texture and interest since I am wearing an all brown outfit. It is the most silky softest things ever…I’ve been petting it all day long, lol. Yes, my coworkers think I am over the top, another said of course that I am fancy huh but the truth is I just wanted to put the vest on and haven’t been anywhere outside of work, church or grocery shopping to do it. So I took matters into my own hands and devised a plan to show off the gorgeousness that is my vest. Pictures do not do it justice, it really is lovely but I guess you’ll just have to trust me on that right?

faux fur vest- Marshalls
cowl neck dress- TJ Maxx
tights- The Avenue
leopard pumps- Steve Madden via Marshall

Taste the Rainbow

I’m a girl who loves me some black but in the summer, color makes me happy and carefree! I am letting my oatmeal colored linen dress (yes, you have seen this dress before and you will see it again a few times before the summer is over…I am not rich, so I repeat outfits) be the backdrop for my yellow and orange accessories. I think I look like a bag of Skittles minus a few colors (I do however have aqua toes though). My photographer um, I mean son was sleeping so I finally figured out after owning this camera for 3 years how to take the flash off and take my own pic in the mirror. So please forgive how fuzzy the pic is or that I almost decapitated myself, I am just clever like that. Since I am too lazy to edit, you are getting a peek of tomorrow’s outfit through the mirror.

P.S. And I did not forget about Talkative Tuesday, I just feel like talking on Thursday instead, so come back and see what truly fascinating and exciting (ok, so they may only be to me) things I am talking about.

The End Has Come

I mean of this week silly, this is what I wore today
oh yeah and this too
It’s Friday, I’ve got a busy weekend coming up, gotta take the kid to a birthday party, I’m babysitting my grandson (I’ve been bribed with a pair of shoes….don’t judge me, you would do it too) church on Sunday and somewhere in between all that I have to grocery shop, cook and clean the house. Yeah uh huh, I need another me, better yet how about just a maid….there can be only one, lol. Anyways have a great weekend, I can promise you I will not be posting this weekend, not with all this on my plate.

Be blessed